We welcome your questions and look forward to personally visiting with you. We have included answers to frequently asked questions below. If you need more information, we encourage you to call us at 817.275.2893 or email us at

Our video tour and online brochure offer many answers in a quick and easy formats describing our services, accommodations, eligibility requirements,payment options, and more.

You’ll want to spend some time reviewing our complete summary of payment options. We will be glad to discuss these options with you over the telephone or during your tour of our campus. We encourage you to call us at 817.275.2893 or email us at for more information or to schedule a tour of our campus.

Yes, if you choose our payment for services option, you may keep your vehicle at TMRC.


You’ll want to review our summary of eligibility requirements for moving to TMRC. We will also be glad to visit with you about these requirements over the telephone or by email. Just call us at 817.275.2893 or feel free to email us at

Yes, the minimum age for living at TMRC is 55 and our eligibility requirements apply to all applicants.

Health Issues

Our wellness staff will help you with prescription refills and arrange for delivery to you.

Yes, if you choose our payment for services option, you can continue your current medical insurance after moving to TRMC.

Yes, if you choose a total asset turnover option, we provide transportation for you to locations in close proximity to TMRC for doctor’s visits or other health care needs.

Yes, if you choose the payment for services option, you can keep your current doctor. The doctor would need to be in close proximity to TMRC. If you choose the total asset turnover payment option, our onsite physician will provide medical services.

You can stay fit and healthy with organized exercise options or you may take advantage of our extensive exercise equipment and weight room. Plus, our 100 acre campus grounds are fenced and beautifully landscaped for taking walks.

We are committed to providing for your needs as you grow older. For some people, more complex services may be needed over time. If you need help with daily living necessities, we provide a sparkling and vibrant Nursing Care Area.

Quarterly meetings with families and residents keep the communication lines open for those living in this area. Social services are available to assist with a wide variety of needs. In most cases, there is no reason to move away from Texas Masonic Retirement, it’s just a re-location down the hall with the same familiar friends and staff.

Living Arrangements

Yes, pets are allowed in the duplex units.

Yes, we maintain a security officer on premises from 8 p.m. until 6 a.m. every day. At other times, our campus is protected by a security system. Feeling safe and protected is one of greatest advantages of living at TMRC.

Yes, TMRC offers home-cooked meals prepared by our executive chef and his staff, including a variety of selections. Soup, salad, and sandwiches are offered in addition to the daily menu.Snacks are provided upon request. Meals are brought to your table by our experienced wait staff. Enjoying meals together and not worrying about cooking or cleaning up are wonderful aspects of living at TMRC.

We offer many living arrangement options at Texas Masonic Retirement Center. All are within easy walking distance of the dining hall, community areas, and other services provided to all residents.

We're proud to announce the recent opening of our newest luxury high-rise, The Keystone. One-bedroom and two-bedroom floor plans are available, plus many amenities and all services.

Our Royal Arch  luxury apartment high-rise offers efficiency, one bedroom, and two bedroom options. This building stays leased most of the time, but feel free to check in with us about openings.

The Cottage Duplexes offer residents a living choice most similar to a private residence. These two-bedroom, two-bath units include a covered patio, garage, and many more amenities.

Our Historic Main Building offers a variety of cozy efficiency and one bedroom options. All are conveniently located within a few steps of the dining and community areas.


Yes, you’ll have fun with other TMRC residents on frequent trips to movies, museums, musicals and live theater. We also offer shopping trips to local malls and grocery stores. You’ll enjoy the same freedom to come and go as living in a single-family residence—often with many more opportunities for good times.

Dominoes, bingo, craft projects, puzzles, and cards are just a few of the ongoing activities at TMRC. We have WiFi for the entire campus for easy internet access. Special events are planned for all holidays. Masonic activities are available onsite and throughout the region. Plus, TMRC brings in entertainers—in fact, Elvis was recently in the building!