Amputated Leg, 20 Surgeries, & Caregiver Death – Steve's Story

Steve, age 55, lost his right leg after a life-threatening illness. Today he lives at Texas Masonic Retirement Center, receiving the daily assistance vital to his health and wellbeing. Plus, his health continues to improve and he looks forward to walking on a prosthetic leg in the near future.

"The No Mason Left Behind Project is the reason I’m here. I had nowhere to go and nothing as a result of this illness."

In May 2017, Steve, 55, woke up alone in a Fort Worth hospital after surgery to amputate his right leg above the knee. Only four days before, he faced the loss of his caregiver and living arrangements when his cousin suffered a fatal stroke.

“I remember thinking, ‘It’s happened and I’m going to make the best of it,” says Steve.

This positive attitude and can-do spirit sustained Steve through 20 surgeries over a 6-year period as doctors worked to save his leg and his life.

“I fought gangrene and bone infections for years as I dealt with a condition called Charcot Foot. Essentially the bones in the foot weaken and then collapse. Even with all the surgeries and treatment, the infections would not heal properly. Finally, the only way for me to survive was to remove the leg.”

After completing his studies, Steve built a career in law enforcement, crime prevention, and security management. He racked up a 17-year career providing these services at Wal-Mart. Steve also volunteered and consulted as an anthropologist for the state of Texas. As his foot condition worsened, he was forced to take medical retirement.

"Today, because I’m a Mason and Masons support one another and their families, I live in a safe environment. I’m not going to fall and I mean that in many ways."

As a young man, Steve played football at the University of New Mexico and baseball with the St. Louis Cardinals AAA team. Getting serious about his education, he earned a bachelor’s degree in history and prelaw, followed by a master’s degree in archaeology at the University of Texas - Arlington.

Throughout the decades of his life, Steve became heavily involved in Masonry. Today he belongs to and supports 19 Masonic organizations. He also proudly holds a 32nd degree KCCH Scottish Rite. His dedication would become life-changing physically as well as spiritually.

"Today, because I’m a Mason and Masons support one another and their families, I live in a safe environment. I’m not going to fall and I mean that in many ways. There are people who can help me. Sometimes my healthy leg gets tired. I have assistance if I need it. I have nutritious meals and I’m losing weight, working toward getting a prosthetic leg. This is the best place I’ve lived in a long time and I appreciate it."

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