Martin, Lifelong Mason Helped By Donations Like Yours

Costs of Caring for Terminally Ill Wife Wiped Out Martin's Savings

martins-story"I don't have to worry about anything anymore."

—Martin Morris, age 73
Retired Inspector - Loving Husband - Steadfast Mason

At 73, Martin Miller beams as he remembers being named All-District left end on Woodson High School’s 1960 championship football team. His prowess on the gridiron was likely honed at home. As the youngest of 10 children growing up in Woodson, Texas, population 300, he learned to work hard and help carry the load for his family and community.

In 1969, Martin and his young wife, Betsy, moved to Tarrant County, following a job opportunity with the Texas Highway Department.  He worked his way up through the ranks to become an inspector and later accepted the same position with the City of Arlington. During those years, he became an active Mason, joining Handley Lodge, Kerrville Lodge, and Sweet Home Lodge.

With a decent sum set aside for retirement, Martin felt set for his older years. But, nothing prepares a family for devastating illness. Betsy suffered a debilitating stroke resulting in paralysis on the right side of her body.  A few months later, she was diagnosed with lung cancer.

To care for Betsy, Martin quit his full-time job and took part-time positions.  Even with insurance, the costs were overwhelming.  In the five years prior to Betsy’s death, bills resulting from her catastrophic medical conditions wiped out their savings.  With no children, Martin now faced his older years alone and in serious financial difficulty.

With support like yours for the No Mason Left Behind Project, Martin moved to Texas Masonic Retirement Center a year ago. As he says today, “I don’t have to worry about anything anymore.”

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