Resident Safety – COVID-19

Update from Gary Blair, Superintendent, Texas Masonic Retirement Center
Dec. 31, 2020

TODAY Vaccinations Begin at Texas Masonic Retirement Center

At 2 pm TODAY we begin vaccinations to protect our beloved residents and heroic staff from COVID 19! 

Today, we have 50 vials of vaccine on hand. This is enough to vaccinate all residents of our Nursing Care Area. These are our most vulnerable folks. We will also have enough doses to vaccinate a few staff members.

We hope to offer vaccinations to all residents and staff  by January 19. However, we must depend on the doses released to us and cannot guarantee availability.

Gary Blair, Superintendent for Texas Masonic Retirement, received the first shot in order to show his personal confidence in the safety and need for the vaccine. All vaccinations are voluntary for residents and staff. However, we highly encourage everyone to take these life-saving injections. 

We are grateful beyond words to Glenview Pharmacy and their staff for arranging for us to receive the vaccine.  They have been the only resource to come through for us at this time. We simply cannot thank them enough.  

Resident Safety Policies Must Remain In Place 

We love our residents and their families. Even as vaccination begins for COVID-19, we must continue to observe all precautions. ALL residents and staff must be vaccinated — with complete 2 doses — before we can consider relaxing any safety procedures.

During this unprecedented time of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are acting aggressively to protect all from this deadly virus. 

Please review our restrictions and recommendations outlined below. 

Resident Safety Policies as of August 7, 2020

Precautions Advised for All Residents

      • Wash your hands often
      • Don’t touch your face
      • Practice social distancing – 6 ft apart – at all times
      • Wear a mask covering your mouth and nose any time outside your apartment or duplex

Visitor Restrictions & Limitations 

  • Please read over our visitor policy and updates 
  • We value visitors and will change our policies as soon as safely possible and within government requirements
  • Phone calls, cards, and letters are welcome! 

We Discourage Residents From Leaving Our Campus

  • Residents with their own transportation are strongly discouraged from leaving the campus.
  • We discourage residents–even more strongly–about leaving the campus and attending any function or situation in which more than 5 others are gathered. 
  • Remember, your age group is the most likely to have bad results from this virus!

Masks Required for 14 Days For Residents Leaving Campus

Residents who leave the campus ARE REQUIRED to wear a mask for 14 days each time the resident leaves his or her room.  The mask should cover your mouth and nose.  If you cannot wear a mask for medical reasons, you are asked to quarantine instead.

Quarantine Required If Resident Leaves Campus & Is Exposed to COVID-19

Residents who leave campus and know they have been exposed or likely exposed to COVID-19 are required to quarantine for 14 days. Your quarantine helps us monitor your health condition and provide extra support or medical care.

In addition, your quarantine helps protect other residents–your friends and neighbors–and staff from exposure to this deadly virus. Your decision may save lives, including your own. 

Residents who leave the campus and, to their knowledge, have not been exposed or likely exposed to COVID-19 are not required to quarantine for 14 days upon their return. You are required to wear a mask for 14 days when outside your accommodation. 

Precautions for Residents Who Travel Off Campus

      • Avoid gatherings of 5 or more
      • Wash your hands often
      • Don’t touch your face
      • Practice social distancing – 6 ft apart – at all times
      • Wear a mask

Group Gatherings On Campus Allowed – With Restrictions

      • Residents may gather in groups of up to 8, however, social distancing precautions must be taken and masks are encouraged.
      • Group dining remains on hold. We will continue to deliver meals to your rooms.
      • The Activity Department will not schedule any group activities.
      • The Transportation Department will only schedule “Medically Necessary” appointments.

Temperature Checks – Need Your Cooperation 

  • Residents are required to report their temperatures to the Wellness Department daily.
  • Please help the staff do this by calling in your temperature. This is a tremendous help and your participation is greatly appreciated.
  • If you show any signs or symptoms of the COVID virus, or any other illness, you must remain in your room and notify the Wellness Nurse.

Off-Campus Outings & Activities Hosted by TMRC Cancelled 
All outings and group activities are cancelled until further notice. The Activity Department will provide 1:1 and room activities for nursing home residents.

Transportation To Appointments
The Transportation Department will reschedule / cancel all appointments other than those deemed medically necessary.