Independent Living Visitor Policy

Weekend visitors welcome video

Update from Gary Blair, Superintendent, Texas Masonic Retirement Center
April 7, 2021

Visitors Welcome for Independent Living Residents! Weekend Visits Now Available! 
Any resident living in an apartment or duplex cottage may welcome visitors to their home, room, or an outdoor area.

Some limitations must continue for resident and staff safety. Please read over our new rules below:

Visitation policies will change under these circumstances

  • If the COVID-19 positive case rate for Tarrant County rises above 10%, we may change our visitor policy.
  • If a COVID-19 positive diagnosis in a staff member or resident occurs within the past 14 days, we will  limit visitors.

Visitor Policy – General

  • No visitors allowed for any resident currently in quarantine.
  • Limited to 2 visitors per resident for any single visit
  • Visitors must be free from any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 or any other respiratory infection.
  • All visitors, including those visiting the cottage duplexes, must sign in and be screened at the main entrance to TMRC.
  • Visitors must sanitize their hands upon entering the TMRC building.

Screening Times for Visitors – Visitors May Stay Beyond Screening Times

Monday through Friday from 7 am to 4 pm

Saturday 9 am to 11 am and 1 pm to 3 pm

Sunday 1 pm to 3 pm 

Other visiting times may be scheduled on a case-by-case basis.

During Visit

  • Masks must be worn by both the resident and the visitor during the entire visit.
  • Visits must take place in the resident’s apartment or in an outdoor area.  Common areas cannot be used for visitation.
  • Visitors should take the most direct route to and from a resident’s room or an outdoor visiting area. Visitors are not permitted to wander around the building.
  • Visitors cannot participate in any community activities like meals, bingo, or other events.